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Deniz was founded in 2016 for manufacturing and supplying sandals and slippers under Deniz brand name. The high variety of products is one of the main features of the company that can be seen on its website. Deniz is manufacturing comfortable slippers and sandals and look for popular designs while considering innovation and creativity. Deniz brand for slippers and sandals is a combination of resistant quality material plus the artistic designs. Deniz is proud of its products because they are comfortable, stylish and fit any age and gender. Due to the competitive policy of the company in the international arena and our prominent presence in the export of footwear, along with the supply of comfortable slippers and stylish sandals, the proposed prices are considered very competitive.

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Sandals may be made of leather, plastic, wood, rope, or other materials. Usually, sandals are designed with one or two straps that are placed on the back of the foot or between the toes. Sandals are produced in different sizes and in the form of short heels or high heels. Sandals are available in different types and designs in the market. Some of the models are very common and general, and some of them are in special designs and with special fittings that become fashionable every year and occupy the market for a limited time.


This practical device is used at home or places close to it. Slippers are often made of light material. The material used for them is cloud, towel and plastic. Of course, it is better to note that medical men’s slippers are very popular among other slippers. Medical slippers, with a suitable arch on the bottom of the slippers, are the best type for protection and health of the feet.

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