leather platform sandals black for sale

The centers for buying and selling sandals in Iran have expanded at reasonable prices. A variety of sandals in different models, with leather platform sandals black and without heels and… are sold at cheap prices in these large reputable centers.

leather platform sandals black for sale

How leather platform sandals black is made?

How leather platform sandals black is made? The production of a shoe follows four stages in the form of an advanced path, which is the cutting of components, the machining part (sewing, etc.), the manufacture and formation of components and the completion of components (assembly), and the shoe compartment. To clarify these steps, we have described them one by one.

  • part of shoe cutting: At this stage, the shoe upper parts and components are made with special accessories (cutter, special knife, etc.) that can be given the required shapes. This requires a great deal of skill so that not too much waste is produced. Of course, the sole of a shoe has different types, which we described in its simple form, which is used in shoes with a simple sole.
  • parts of shoe production machine: At this stage of production, the parts are sewn together by related professional machines to complete the procedure. It is first connected on a flat machine and then changed from its smooth form to a three-dimensional shape by the machine, and the holes are made on it according to the order.
  • assemble: In this part, the components made by a mold are shaped into legs. The relevant components are mounted on the mold and connected in several operations.
  • parts to complete: In this part, according to the type of shoes, the additions are pruned and waxed and polished to create attractiveness.

Women’s sandals are very beautiful and have a different texture and are different from other women’s shoes. These beautiful shoes are exported to European countries and are very popular and sold in big cities such as Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan. One of the most important features of women sandals is how to sew them. These shoes are made of the best fabric of leather and plastic raw materials and are very resistant to stretching and tearing. Colored women’s sandals are very popular in black and blue colors and are of excellent quality. These shoes can be set with a variety of beautiful and new clothes and bring great charm to the person. These products are waterproof and resistant to heat and high temperatures. leather platform sandals black price varies depending on its quality and appearance features, and to buy and know the current price of this product, contact our consultants.

Selling leather platform sandals black

Selling leather platform sandals black leather platform sandals black supply is done in various ways throughout the country. Distributors make every effort to create the right conditions between buyers and markets at home and abroad to help them provide the desired products with the most appropriate and lowest price and quality.

Women’s closed-toe sandals are made in well-known centers, and all people and enthusiasts can use the experience and knowledge of distributors to prepare this product. Distributors and sellers have succeeded in gaining the trust of all people by offering this type of sandal, which helps to increase the number of customers and orders on a daily basis.

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