men`s sandals large sizes export

Sandals are a type of footwear that is produced and marketed in various colors for all age groups. The review of men’s sandals is the main topic of this section which is available in different types, including pink sandals low heels, white sandals for girls, yellow sandals flat and men`s sandals large sizes. These products are produced and exported to domestic and foreign markets. In what follows, first we discuss the size large of sandals for men and then, we describe the way through which sandals sizes are chosen.

men`s sandals large sizes export

what size is a large in men’s sandals?

what size is a large in men's sandals?

Sandals, like shoes, come in a variety of sizes and standard shapes, and are usually sized in the same way as shoes. Therefore, just as the largest number in shoes for men is equal to 46 and 48, the largest size is equal to 46 and 48 for suitable men’s sandals. Of course, it is clear that sandals, because they are slightly smaller than shoes that is actually have a smaller shape compared to shoes, sometimes their largest size is a number smaller than the largest size of shoes. For example, if the size of a man’s foot is 44, the sandals with a size of 42 or 46 may be suitable for him.

how to choose your sandal size?

how to choose your sandal size?

To choose the right size of sandals for both men and women, one can usually either test it or if for any reason it is not possible to wear and test the sandals, he can buy it the same size as his shoes. In fact, as the sandals have standard templates, their size number is often the same as the number assigned to the shoes. For example, if someone’s shoes number is 39, his sandal is usually the same as that of his shoes’, that is to say, it equals to 39. However, it should be noted that some sandals that have a smaller templates in comparison to their standard counterparts, are usually selected one size larger than the shoes sizes.

There are two other methods to choose the sandals size as well. It should be said that many people want to choose and buy their own sandals from the various models and designs of sandals available on the shelves of online stores, but despite the fact that their chosen sandals have all the necessary criteria and are approved, they refrain from buying online. They do so because they are afraid that the sandals they buy will not fit the size of their feet. This becomes very difficult when choosing the right shoes size too.

1. ‌To get the size of sandals or shoes, you first need to know the size of the sole of the foot. So before learning how to get the size of shoes, it is better to learn the exact length of the sole by watching the video below.

First, measure the length of your foot from the bottom of the heel to the tip of the thumb with the help of a meter, and then write this number in the formula (foot length + 2).

Multiply the obtained number by 3 and at the end the answer Divide the result by 2. For example, if the length of your foot is 25 cm:

25 + 2 = 27

3 × 27 = 81

2 ÷ 81 = 40.5

Therefore, your foot size is 40.5 and it is recommended to buy your chosen sandal with size 41. Keep in mind that this estimate may be a little wrong depending on the type of the chosen sandal and also the type of your toe.

2. In the second method, measure as follows:

First, place a piece of white paper on a perfectly flat surface. Place the sole of your foot on the white paper and mark the area around the foot with a pencil or pen. Then measure from the sole of the heel to the tip of the thumb with a ruler.

Do this measurement for both feet and write down the numbers obtained and consider their average.

Consider the size that fits the foot, as the size of your foot. For example, if the size of your right foot is 25 and the size of your left foot is 24, their average will be 24.5 and the size of your foot will be 39.

different colors of men`s sandals

different colors of men`s sandals

Men’s sandals, like men’s shoes and slippers, in addition to having different models and materials, also have different colors. These products are produced in a wide range of different colors from the darkest to the lightest. The situation in which sandals are worn also affect the color of the sandals. For example, if the sandals are medical, they are usually made of leather, both synthetic and natural type and the color is brown, while the sandals that are suitable for home use are produced in blue, yellow, pink and white because they are often made of plastic or are of the fluffy type. Therefore, it can be said that the use of sandals has an important effect on its color.

men sandals export

men sandals export

In addition to women’s and children’s sandals, men’s sandals are also produced in neighboring countries, especially in Arab countries, including Iraq and Kuwait. These sandals are typically produced in medium and large sizes and sent to foreign markets. Their templates are standard and the large sizes of these products are often more popular. For exporting all kinds of men’s sandals, including ordinary, medical, sports and indoors, reputable factories that have a well known and famous brand sometimes produce this product on a custom order.

The export of domestically produced sandals has always been associated with great economic benefits due to the high quality of these products and the quality of the goods. Domestically produced men’s sandals of any size, whether small or large, have a wide range of colors, models, designs, sizes and materials, and each is produced at a different price and offered to domestic and foreign markets. If these sandals are the product of a well known and reputable brand or factory, they have more exports than lesser known brands and are met with an unparalleled response from customers in other countries, which leads to great sales and huge profits.

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