Pure Leather Sandals Wholesale Market

Pure leather is earned from the skin of some animal like as; cow, sheep and ostrich. It is done some act on the skin by chemical and vegetive materials to be durable and strong. Actually leather is the most common and the oldest material for making clothes and shoes. Pure leather sandals are a good choice. People usually wear them for being comfortable and cool their feet during the summer. Pure leather sandals are stylish with high quality and durability, provided having a good choice, a pure one, if you can recognize the genuine can you.

Pure leather sandals has a lot of attraction among the people especially young men and they usually look for a pure, genuine and in a word good one.

Pure leather sandals can be used instead of a pair of shoes and sometimes it’s preferred .

Pure Leather Sandals Wholesale Market

How Can You Identify the Pure Leather?

How Can You Identify the Pure Leather? There are some ways to know the pure and genuine leather;

Burning the leather, it doesn’t get burned well and doesn’t make flam, it makes a smell like burning hair and created a white smoke .

On the back of leather there are fuzz all over it but in artificial leather there are some string.

Another way to identify pure leather is to put a drop of water on it, if the drop was absorbed into the leather it is pure, but if it wasn’t absorbed, it isn’t pure.

Smell of the pure leather is like the smell of animal skin, but the smell of artificial leather is like the plastic smell.

Pure leather is soft and delicate and is more expensive than the artificial.

By utilizing these kind of strategies you can have genuine leather sandals. If you get sure about it’s being original, certainly you can use it for a long time without any change, it means after wearing genuine leather sandals for some years they still are as beautiful as the first with the same quality.

Distributors of the Leather Sandals?

Distributors of the Leather Sandals? The leather sandals are more expensive than the artificial ones, but it is not a good criteria to identify the genuine. beacaus some people sell the non original products with a high price the same as pure leather sandals .

If you want to buy the genuine leather sandals with not so high price you can get your slightly sandals from a wholesale store, of course before that make sure about it’s being original.

Distributors can distribute their products at the store,whole sales and also online shops. Nowadays, the most common way to present the products and anything or service is online shops and centers. In this space distributor can give enough information to their customers and also people can get information and make the best decisions.


  1. I’m living in a hot weather country and sandals are very commonly used here.
    After talking to the sales agent I think your prices/quality ratio is amazing!
    I’ve asked the company to send me the samples. I can’t wait to get them.

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